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Hello friends, all of you are welcome in Paisa Pandit. In today’s post, we have brought the Refer and Earn program for you. The app we are going to talk about. The name of that app is UHive App. If you also want to earn income by installing this app. And want to know more about this. So you are reading the right post. Because you will also know how you can understand it. And how can you tell others?

What is UHive App in Paisa Pandit. You will also be able to know this through this post, we will explain it to you in very easy language, hope that you will enjoy our today’s post UHive App You will definitely like the information about this, similarly you continue to like each and every post coming on our blog.

UHive App Refer And Earning Full Details In Free Mlm.

1. Install App Link.
2. Service.
3. Types of Income.
3.1. Install Money.
3.2. Per Invite.
3.3. Other Income.

4. Minimum Withdrawal.
5.Terms & Condition.
6.Contact Us.
7.Total Download In Play Store.
8.Rating And Reviews.
9. Conclusion.

1.Install App Link.


2. Service.

You can watch any video from here and you can also share and you can also invite your friends, many services are going to come here.

3.Types Of Income.

We are going to tell you how much you can earn here.

3.1. Install Money.

You will get a cashback of Rs 10 as soon as you download.

3.2. Per Invite.

You get anyone to join with your sponsor. You will get Rs 7 from everyone.

3.3. Other Income.

You will get money even if you watch any video. And you do something else here, even if you share someone’s photo, you will still earn.

4.Minimum Withdrawal.

You must have 50 Rs for withdrawal.

5.Terms & Condition.

1. It is necessary to direct someone.
2. The company will give you payment in Paytm and Bank Account.
3. You will get your money in 3 to 4 days.
4. If you do not direct, you will not get any money.

6.Total Download In Play Store.

So far this app has been downloaded more than 10k from Play Store.

7.Rating And Reviews.

Rating of this app is 4.1. Which is very good and 1k reviews of this app have been given.


So friends this was our today’s post UHive App? Hope you have understood everything about UHive App very well, if you liked our today’s post, then do let us know by commenting in the comment box.
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