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About SMC Global –

SMC Global offers a demat opening as well as trading account. Trading in shares cannot be done without having a demat account with them. It provides a variety of financial services and products.

The company has a presence in over 500 cities in India as well as Dubai.

SMC Global Demat account is for stocks and other financial instruments like government bonds, mutual funds etc.

Whereas a trading account with them is there for investing (buying and selling) these securities. Opening SMC Global Demat Account is very easy and convenient.

They have more than 500 branches of SMC Global in various cities of India and Dubai. In terms of demat account charges and brokerage etc., they are one of the best in the industry.

Their customer service is also good and hence any queries of the customers are resolved in a timely manner.

The SMC Global account has many benefits such as a wide range of financial services and products that customers can avail in addition to basic demat and trading account facility, large network of SMC Global branches, etc.

Disadvantages include pricing of financial products and services, non-availability of 3-in-1 account benefits, etc.

Investors should carefully examine all the features and pricing of the broker before deciding whether to open an account or not. Because it is different for every investor.

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