BMF Shopcart Full Business Plan

BMF Shopcart Full Business Plan –

Who We Are

BMF Shopcart Full Business Plan

We are a Natural Product Company set out to bring nature’s secrets to develop the products with the spirit of innovation to enhance the human health. We never stray from these principles. Or our commitment to your greatness. We’re steadfast in our desire to bring the power of nature to you and deliver a life of boundless health and wealth.


Business Plan Details – Personal Loan
Binary Loan Plan
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 700/- (Welcome Kit)
  • Daily Cut-Off
  • No Limit
  • Carry Forward 2:1
  • PAN card / Aadar card / PP size photo must
  • Minimum Payout: Rs. 300/- (Weekly) (* Condition apply)
S. No.MemberBinary PayoutAchievement GiftPersonal Loan Eligibility
12Rs. 200/-NilRs. 2000/-
24Rs. 400/-Rs. 1,000/- GiftNil
38Rs. 800/-NilRs. 10,000/-
416Rs. 1,600/-Rs. 3,000/- GiftNil
532Rs. 3,200/-NilRs. 20,000/-
664Rs. 6,400/-Rs. 5,000/- GiftNil
7128Rs. 12,800/-NilRs. 50,000/-
8256Rs. 25,600/-Android MobileNil
9512Rs. 51,200/-NilRs. 2,00,000/-
101024Rs. 1,02,400/-LaptopNil
112048Rs. 2,04,800/-Bike Fund
Rs. 40,000
124096Rs. 4,09,600/-Car Fund
Rs. 2,00,000
Rs. 5,00,000/-
138192Rs. 8,19,200/-Foreign Tour
Rs. 5,00,000
1416284Rs. 16,28,400/-Pure Gold Fund
10 Lakhs
1532568Rs. 32,56,800/-Home Fund
Rs. 40 Lakhs
Rs. 1,00,00,000
***TotalRs. 65,23,400/-Rs. 67,79,700Rs. 1,07,82,000

Note: After 15th level total turnover – 0.1% / per month with company share holder post.

S. No.Loan AmountTenorRate
EMITotal Amount Paid
1Rs. 2,000/-3 Months1.22%Rs. 691/-Rs. 2,073
2Rs. 10,000/-6 Months1.08%Rs. 1,775/-Rs. 10,650
3Rs. 20,000/-12 Months1.02%Rs. 1,872/-Rs. 22,464
4Rs. 50,000/-24 Months1.02%Rs. 2,534/-Rs. 60,816
5Rs. 2,00,000/-36 Months0.98%Rs. 7,535/-Rs. 2,71,260
6Rs. 5,00,000/-48 Months0.75%Rs. 14,170/-Rs. 6,80,160
7Rs. 1,00,00,000/-96 Months0.22%Rs. 1,26,600/-Rs. 1,21,53,600
BMF Shop Cart

2F Palani Vinayagar Kovil Street
Bethaniyapuram, Mettu Street
Madurai – 625016.


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