About Paisa pandit –

Paisa Pandit started as a financial blog, but now
The main theme of Paisa Pandit is MLM i.e. Direct Selling.

MLM guide on Paisa Pandit and keeping the plans of MLM companies unbiased
is explained. Very few people give correct information on this subject and therefore
It is very important to make people aware about MLM.

Due to selfish people in MLM, time and money of many people is wasted.
Because they are brought in direct selling by giving incomplete or wrong information. In such
It is very important to have the right information available on the Internet. That’s why we
Making Paisa Pandit better and better.

Objectives of Paisa Pandit

Through Paisa Pandit, we want to promote Hindi language on the internet.
Better information available for every visitor to Paisa Pandit

Get it done
Educating people towards direct selling and showing the right direction.

Make aware against pyramid and ponzi scheme frauds happening in the country.

Direct selling to people under the Direct Selling Guidelines of the Government of India
learn business.